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The OAuth2 module is functional and works fine against OpenMRS Reference Application 2.x releases after the work on OAuth module enhancements and SMART apps support. Also the EHR Launch Flow for SMART Applications is fully integrated in the module.The objective of this project is to upgrade the OAuth2 module by migrating to Spring Security OAuth2 2.x and creation of all new SMART OWA which fully supports SMART Apps functionality. Another major objective is to extend the functionality of scopes and launch context by adding more scopes. The api layer of the module is well tested and omod layer needs to tested with proper unit tests so as to increase code coverage of the module. Also check and upgrade Spring, Spring Security, Jackson and Hibernate dependencies making sure that module works fine against the latest OpenMRS Reference Application release. The final aim is to get OAuth2 module ready so as to get it bundled with next release of OpenMRS.