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  • 2019-01-14 Project Management Meeting

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Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

2019 Draft Road Map

  • Conclusion was announced on blog
  • Official results will be announced today
  • 6 students have been nominated.
  • Funding has been provided for 1 mentor for the trip
  • Received last year's resources
  • Created GSoC 19 warm up talk post
  • Have created initial version of Summer Of Code 2019 page.
  • Will start org application next this week
  • Could we get a project template developed with sample projects written up?
  • Use Design forum to discuss initial steps on how to draft projects
  • Irene, Juliet and Herbert to draft an introductory email which is to be submitted on Friday Suthagar Kailayapathy has drafted initial partner email which will be completed by end of this week

Internships: Andela

Sync 2.0 (SolDevelo, Jembi)

Jakub Slawinski

  • No update this weekReport on this every 2 weeks.
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9

Stephen Senkomago Musoke

  • No clear update this week

Reuben Varghese

OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Samuel Male took up the ticket from Tendo and @dkayiwa is helping him to solve the issue.
  • Will try to get Samuel Male  is currently working on
    serverOpenMRS Issues
    done over this week. If we can get it closed by next week, we will include it in Platform 2.2; otherwise, we will release Platform 2.2 without idgen and aim to include it in Platform 2.3. The only reason for not bundling idgen module with the platform is the desire to add web service support to
Technical Road Map ProcessDocumentation Review 2019
  • and hopes to complete this by the end of the week.
  • Daniel Kayiwa noted that we would need to consider getting /funding resources to beef up community dev activities to ensure there is sufficient progress.
Technical Road Map /Strategic Operational Plan
  • 2019 Draft Road Map
  • Operational Plan for CY 2019
    • consider review of objective one and two on the call during the next PM call (January 21)
    • ongoing x timely (monthly?) review of these objectives

Documentation Review 2019
PM tool
  • We could use some more intro tickets
  • Daniel Kayiwa suggested that we focus on OCL and ensure its completed

  • Ways in which to better execute recommendations from OMRS18
Next week