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Provider/Data Entry

  • How to create an account and login to OpenMRS
  • How to manage your user preferences
  • All the parts of the patient dashboard
  • How to work with a patient record
    • Create a new patient
    • Edit an existing patient's demographic information
    • Retire a patient record
    • How to add and change a clinical encounter
    • Allergies
    • Problems
  • How to run a report
  • Common error messages
  • Mobile users?


  • How to create a user account
  • How to create and assign roles and set permissions
  • All the parts of the administrator dashboard
  • Routine Tasks: Backups, Sync, etc.
  • Common error messages

Department Implementer

  • How to design forms
  • How to design and add concept
  • How to design a report
    • Core function documentation
      • Cohort Builder
      • Reporting
      • Dictionary Browsing
    • Module documentation
      • Clinical summary
      • etc...
  • Common error messages