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  1. Select the Lab Orders option form from the list of possible orders to add

  2. “Lab Orderables” convenience set contains the top-level categories as members, ie:

    • “Hemotology” convenience set
    • “Biochemistry” convenience set,
    • etc…

    Each category convenience set have has the following concepts:

    • 0 to N concepts of type “LabSet”
    • 0 to N concepts of type “Test”
    The Panels box includes all the concepts in that set of type "LabSet".
    The Tests box contains the union of 1) all the concepts in that set of type "Test" and 2) all the set members of all the LabSet tests.

  3. Sign and save the lab order.
    Image RemovedAdjust the urgency of the order (if needed). The urgency of a lab order can be adjusted by clicking the button highlighted below. Lab orders can have a “ROUTINE” or “STAT” urgency. If the icon is highlighted in red, then the order’s urgency is “STAT”.     Image Added
  4. Click “Sign and Save” to submit the lab order, and the order will be appear in the order table as shown below.
    Image Added

Discontinuing an active lab order

A lab order can be discontinued through the following steps:

  1. Click on the discontinue icon that appears in the “Actions” column of the Patient Orders table as highlighted below.Image Added
  2. A confirmation box will appear. Click “YES” to continue.

            Image Added

        3. Provide an appropriate reason for discontinuing the order and click “DISCONTINUE!” to finish.

             Image Added

Placing multiple lab orders

The user can add multiple lab orders to the Unsaved Draft Orders table and click “Sign and Save” to place all lab orders at once as shown below.

Image Added