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  • How do we define an “active” order as a search parameter for the Order service? 
    • Related ticket:
      Definition of Order.isActive();

      Active order (as defined by isActive()):

      • Is not voided
      • Is activated as of current date
      • current date is on or after date activated
      • Has not been discontinued (isDiscontinued())

      Started order (isStarted()):

      • Current date is on or after effective start date

      Effective start date of an order (getEffectiveStartDate()):

      • if urgency is ON_SCHEDULED_DATE, this is the scheduled date; otherwise it is date activated

      Effective end date of an order (getEffectiveStopDate()):

      • this is the date stopped, or auto expire date if date stopped is not specified
      • for drug orders, if auto expire date is not specified, it is calculated from duration and frequency of medication
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