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This guide is obsolete. Use Releasing a Module from Bamboo instead.



This guide assumes your module is maven-based, and stored in git. If you don't have a pom.xml file in your module, see Converting old code to Maven in before using this approach


When this completes, the particular git revision will have been tagged, and its compiled artifacts will have been deployed to our maven repository.


After doing the above, the compiled artifact for the tag you just created will be available in (TODO: check this) the "target" folder of your top-level maven repository. You can take this file and upload it to


  1. If your module contents are not published to Nexus repository due to an error during mvn release:perform 
    The versions of the pom files have been incremented to a new version with the tag snapshot added, for example 2.3-SNAPSHOT. 
    1. Edit the POM files to contain the version that you want to deploy e.g., 2.2. 
    2. Run mvn deploy