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Skills Needed

Android, Java


  1. These are outcomes of the project
  2. List them out here in brief words
  3. They should be measurable
  4. They should be completable within the timeframe


This is where brainstorming will happen. Give a first-pass of what the design should be (table design, UI mockups, workflows). As work is happening, the mentor and student can use this space to add/remove/modify the design of the project.



  1. Provider Module: Provider Module is a large feature request by the community. More information here:

  2. Visual Improvements: 
    • The Vital Data can be better represented using a chart for Vital history. 
    • Other small improvements, like using TextInputLayout from the design library instead of the normal edittext in forms. 

  3. Security Improvements: The app misses lots of security features like:

    1. Database should be encrypted from the details derived from the username and password.

    • If user changes password on system there is no system to detect it and logout the user automatically.

    • Forgot password option.

Extra Credit

Analytics - 

We want to create a way for the Android app to collect important usage data and report it back to the local server, so that the sysadmin can look at the Analytics. The extra credit will be for making the Analytics viewing system on both the app and the admin panel. Note: We will not use Google Analytics but will develop our own system so that we can have the data in the local openmrs server.