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  1. At the terminal, run firefox -ProfileManager to open the profile management dialog
  2. Create a profile called Registration, set this to automatic
  3. Set firefox homepage to be touchscreen registration openmrs page 
  4. Disable all automatic updates (Edit > Preferences > Advanced)
  5. Install the _rkiosk _firefox add-on from the internet
  6. Find the Firefox profile folder in ~/.mozilla/firefox
  7. (optional) edit the pref.js file and the following line (this can also be set from about:config through the firefox interface):
    user_pref("rkiosk.navbar", true);
  8. Download _ and save it the _chrome _folder
  9. Find the folder for the rkiosk extension, and open chrome.manifest
  10. Remove the last line 'overlay chrome://mozapps/content/downloads/unknownContentType.xul .....' (barcode printing doesn't work otherwise)
  11. (added Feb 9, 2011)  We've run into a problem where the browser sometimes opens in offline mode if the internet is down, and then stays stuck in offline mode when the internet comes back.  To fix this, open the page about:config in firefox, and then change the value of 'browser.offline-apps.notify' to false.  This should prevent firefox from opening in offline mode, even if there is no internet.

2) Lock-down Ubuntu into a Firefox kiosk