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Product Owner

Lead Developer

Developer Effort Estimated

Kickoff Meeting Held?

Goals Outlined?

Retrospective Completed?

2017-02-072017-02-21Cohort Builder RedesignSprint Stephen Senkomago MusokeOnodje Daniel  Yes 
2016-11-292016-12-13Platform 2.0.1 Sprint 1 Rafal Korytkowski   
2016-11-152016-11-29Open Concept Lab Sprint 3  Rafal Korytkowski    
2016-11-012016-11-15Open Concept Lab Sprint 2Jonathan PayneRafal Korytkowski    
2016-02-142016-02-23Platform 2.0 Beta - RESTWSOpenMRS CommunityMayank Sharma NoYes 
2016-01-172016-01-31Platform 2.0 BetaOpenMRS CommunityMayank Sharma  YesYes
2015-07-272015-08-07Admin UITBDWyclif Luyima NoYesNo
2015-01-082015-01-25Registration v2David DeSimoneWyclif Luyima YesYesNo
2014-11-102014-11-14OpenMRS Platform 1.11 pre-alpha-release testing and bug fixingOpenMRS CommunityKaweesi Joseph NoYes 
2014-10-272014-11-10Working on OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Test Failed ticketsOpenMRSKaweesi Joseph  Yes 
2014-10-122014-10-26Testing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Tickets Sprint 3 - 2014 (iteration 3)OpenMRS communityKaweesi Joseph  Yes 
2014-10-072014-10-21Allergies (Iteration 4)Jonathan Teich, ShashaDaniel Kayiwa  Yes 
2014-08-142014-08-28Testing OpenMRS Platform 1.11 Release Tickets Sprint 2 - 2014 (iteration 2)OpenMRS communityKaweesi Joseph  Yes 
2014-07-302014-08-13Testing OpenMRS 1.11 Release Tickets (iteration 1)OpenMRS communityKaweesi Joseph  Yes 
2014-09-012014-09-15Allergies (Iteration 3)Jonathan Teich, ShashaDaniel Kayiwa  Yes 
2014-03-182014-03-31Order Entry (Iteration 5)JSS, KenyaEMR, OpenMRSWyclif Luyima Google HangoutYes



2014-02-252014-03-17Order Entry (Iteration 4)JSS, KenyaEMR, OpenMRSWyclif Luyima Google HangoutYesYes
2014-02-042014-02-24Order Entry (Iteration 3)JSS, KenyaEMR, OpenMRSWyclif Luyima Google Hangout


2013-12-162014-02-03Order Entry (Iteration 1 & 2)JSS, KenyaEMR, OpenMRSWyclif Luyima Google HangoutYesYes
  Reporting SprintJames ArbaughMike Seaton NoYes