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WARNING -- using this tag in a one-form per encounter may cause duplicate drugOrders to be created.  For example, if a monthly rendez-vous form has a field for current regimen, broken down by specific drugs (like a chronic care form might, for example), it is tempting to include this tag in an htmlform replicating the paper encounter form.  However, if the patient hasn't changed regimens, but the paper form has the regimen re-entered, you're going to end up with duplicate drugOrders, or worse, contradictory drugOrders if a regimen change has taken place, but the old drugOrders haven't been closed which has to be done currently outside of the htmlform (you'd have to open the original encounter during which the drugOrder was originally entered) .  The 'best' and currently recommended use of this tag is in conjunction with the htmlformflowsheet module, which allows you to use htmlforms in a flowsheet-type patient chart.  In this model of using the tag, all patient drugOrders across all relevant encounters (for example, all encounters with formId = 61, or even all encounters with encounterTypeId = 5) are loaded everytime you open the htmlform for the patient chart.  With this method, you can use this tag to build the exact patient regimen that you want reflected on the patient dashboard, and in your database.

Data entry widget for recording drug order. The widget displays input fields for drug names (drop-down), dose, frequency, start date (calendar), end date (calendar).