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inv-538 — Make the quantity field wider in the create inventory operation 2.x page

inv-539 — Allow use of a datepicker when creating an initial operation on an item with an expiration

inv-540 — Return operation fails when patient is selected

inv-542 — Fix privilege to view a stock operation

inv-545 — Inventory settings privilege not added then creating an Inventory Role

inv-546 — The setting page privilege in the Inventory Json page is defined wrongly

inv-547 — Create Operations: Cannot Save Operations that create non-expirable stock

inv-548 — Fix Search on Manage Stockrooms page

inv-549 — Create Operation: Cannot Save New Operation Date if there are No Other Operations on Selected Date

inv-566 — Create Operation: Exception when saving operation

inv-571 — Create Inventory Operation: Existing Stock Quantity is incorrect

inv-572 — Cancel button doesn't work on the Create Inventory Operation 2.x page

inv-573 — Select quantity field text in the line item when creating an operation

inv-574 — Add a 'Create Operation' button on the View Stock Operations Page

inv-578 — Create Operation - Receipt Doesn't save if some items don't have expiration




inv-569 — Create Operation: Quantities larger than 2 digits get Cut Off


Usability Problem



inv-550 — Reorder Inventory Task Dashboard Buttons

inv-551 — Create Operation: Existing Stockroom Qty Should not be Visible when there is no Source Stockroom

inv-552 — Create Operation: No Qty Warnings should be display when there is no Source Stockroom

inv-557 — Create Operation: Trying to Delete the Quantity Results in Error

inv-560 — Stock Take: Entering an Actual Qty field and leaving it blank results in Error