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  1. Create the ticket under For how to create a ticket, check this TIP. When you create a ticket, it starts in a "Needs Assessment", or "In Backlog/Ready for Analysis" state. Do not work on it until when some one assesses it and eventually makes it "Ready for Work" or "Waiting for Dev".
  2. Fork the repo and do the other Git work flow. You can find tip HERE
  3. Depending on bug you want to fix,  it is always important to know where to look. At this stage, you can ask the community via TALK or IRC. But below is summary of where to look, for some common PDMO issues:
    1. Openmrs1_8 (path is This includes most of the PDMO issues,like obs,encounter,patient...etc excluding visit
    2. Openmrs_1.9 (path is For issue with Visit, first place to look.
  4. Remember to write your tests.
  5. Generate your OMOD file by running mvn clean install
  6. To locate the OMOD file, go to to and locate the file with .OMOD extension.
  7. Install the OMOD file on your stand alone by replacing(remember to make a copy of the existing file incase things go wrong) the existing webservice module in your standalone and restart
  8. If outcome is as expected, go ahead and raise your PR, and request for Code review on Jira.