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More Metadata Management in Admin UI project is one of the GSoC projects which are designed to migrate some of these administrative functionalities to the modern open web app view. In the System Administration OWA project, We focused on this the following functionalities,


  1. Open web app module - version 1.7 or greater 
  2. Web Services REST module - version 2.21 or greater

If you haven't do not have those modules, Please following this command follow these commands to install thatthem,

mvn openmrs-sdk:install -DartifactId=owa -Dversion=1.7-SNAPSHOT -DserverId=adminmodule
mvn openmrs-sdk:install -Dversion=2.21 -DserverId=adminmodule

Please follow this steps to install and run the SysAdmin OWA in your Reference Application.

  1. Goto Go to OpenMRS Add-Ons official website and Search for SysAdmin OWA
  2. Download the latest version of the SysAdmin OWA as the ZIP file
  3. Run your OpenMRS Server and log in as Admin user
  4. Goto Go to Manage Open Web Apps page through the Administrative Page
  5. Upload this downloaded ZIP and install the OWA to the server.
  6. Now you have loaded the OWA and can see the updated list in the Manage Open Web app page
  7. Click on the SysAdmin OWA and start running.


titleCreate OWA Icon in the homepage

If you want to add Icon to the home page, then follow this use full tutorial to add the Icon.

How to Contribute to the Project

You need this the following skills to contribute this project,

  1. Better understanding on the of AngularJs and jQuery development
  2. REST Web Services and OpenMRS APIs
  3. Knowledge of HTML, CSS
  4. If you want to contribute on this backend, you want to work with JAVA.

Please go and download the project source code from the GitHub repository. Then follow the past discussion in on the OpenMRS talk forum and understand the development followflow.

Production build steps

You will need NodeJS 4+ installed to do this. See the how to  install instructions here.

  • Once you have NodeJS installed, you need to install Gulp and Bower (first time only) as follows:
    npm install -g gulp bower


  • Install the dependencies (first time only):
    npm install && bower install


  • Build the distributable using Gulp as follows:

This will create a file as in the dist directory, which wants to be uploaded to the OpenMRS Open Web Apps module.


  1. More Metadata Management in AdminUI - GSoC 2017 Project


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