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We recommend releasing your Open Web App to Bintray under your account. In order to do so create an open source account and a new repository called "owa" of type "Generic". Then create a package for you OWA as described on this page.

Once you make the first release you are welcome to apply for your OWA to be listed under https://bintray.com/openmrs/omod among other OWAs for better recognition within the OpenMRS community. Simply ask for your OWA to be linked on Bintray by posting to Repo Management on Talk. Don't forget to include its Bintray URL in your post. Anyone, who is a member of the OpenMRS org on Bintray can go to the provided Bintray URL, click "Link", type in "/openmrs/owa" for the repo name and click the "tick" icon next to it to include the OWA.

We also recommend you to add your OWA to the OpenMRS add-ons index.  See these instructions. Your OWA will be periodically checked for new releases and updated accordingly.