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What is an Addon?

The term cohort refers to small programs that add new features to your applications.An Addon refers to an additional application that can be added to an OpenMRS instance to provide additional functionality on top of the core functionality. OpenMRS Addons comprise of both Open Web Apps and Modules.

What is the Addon



The Addon - manager open web appweb app,  is is an OpenMRS tool used to manage to manage the uploading, installation, upgrading, deleting and viewing of open web appsOpenMRS addons.

Why use Addon





Addon manager provides a very simple and easy


to use UI for managing


OpenMRS add-ons


What This Open Web App Does

    • Lets you upload open web app modules.
    • Lets you list open web app modules.
    • Lets you delete open web app modules.

What This Open Web App Does Not Do

This OWA cannot currently update OWA modules for you.

    • Enables one to view a list of all installed addons and their running status

    • Enables one to search the addon index for an addon by key words in name and description

    • Enables one to install an addon directly from the addon index by clicking on an install button

    • Enables one to download an addon file from the addon index

    • Enables one to upload an addon file from the local system by selecting the file or by dragging and dropping the file

    • Enables one to delete an installed add-on

    • Enables one to start and stop add-ons of the module type

    • Enables one to check for newer versions of installed add-ons from the Addon index and optionally choose to directly upgrade to the newer version or download the file


To download the Cohort Builder Addon Manager Open Web App, please go to the OpenMRS cohort-builder addon manager repository here: