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  • SignUp to
  • Create a new repository (if you do not have one yet) named 'owa' of type 'Generic'
  • Add a new package on Bintray as per your OWA name to the 'owa' repository
  • Post on requesting for your package to be added to the openMRS Bintray account

  • If you are a member of the openmrs organisation on bintray, navigate to the owa repository and Add a new package
  • The package should have:
    •  The URL to the repo (a.k.a VCS URL) from which the OWA shall be deployed
    • A naming format consistent with the name of the OWA to be released e.g. openmrs-owa-addonmanager
    • A License
    • Reference to JIRA board if any for issue tracking
  • Deploy your bundled OWA file:
    • Deploying with TravisCI:
      • Tips:
        • Install travis command line client
        • Get bintray API KEYYou can find the API Key at (see the left menu) after you log in to Bintray.
        • Set up project for deployment to bintray
        • The preferred deployment trigger to bintray is using version tags. In your .travis.yml file, include the following lines

            tags: true
        • Note:
          • Releasing an OWA requires the necessary privileges to create version tags.
          • It is preferable to set the bintray API key as an environment variable in the Travis env e.g. key: $BINTRAY_API_KEY. If the repo does not have this variable set, please reach out on requesting for support from someone with the privileges to add their api_key and you can then use their username
        • Create the appropriate version tag
        • Set bintray api key as an environment variable on travis command line client (travis env set NAME VALUE)
        • Push changes to remote repo to trigger the deployment process


An example of an OWA release talk post can be found HERE.