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The cohort-builder open web app, is an OpenMRS tool used to generate reports as per the example on an ad hoc basis. This means that it builds a cohort of patients, based on the similarity of their characteristics.

The Source Code is hosted on GithubIt is built using ReactJS with JSX, Browsersync, Webpack, twitter bootstrap, HTML and Javascript.  The Source Code is hosted on Github(the link is in the Download section of this document). 

To get a feel of how it looks and works from an end user perspective,  visit the Cohort Builder Open Web App User Guide.

Why use cohort builder?

  • It makes it easy to search for, and run saved report definitions or queries, for a given group of patients.

  • It provides fluid transition between the search, result tabulation and the result view.

  • It presents data in a well structured and readable format

  • The cohort-builder presents the data in a very good format.