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What is a cohort?

The term cohort refers to a group of individuals who have something in common, In the medical field, cohorts are typically applied to patients who are have similar medical records i.e the age group or height of patients (for example, the patients who are between the age of thirteen and eighteen) would be the most common example of a patient cohort. A Cohorts may also be divided into demographic or statistical categories, or subgroups, by age, race, gender, blood group, or sickness, among other categories.

What is the cohort-builder?

The cohort-builder open web app module, is an OpenMRS tool used to create Ad-hoc reports. I.e build a cohort of patients based on the similarities between groups of patients

Why use cohort builder?

  • The cohort-builder provides a better way for users to easily search for and run saved report definitions or queries for a given group of persons or patients.

  • The cohort-builder presents the data in a very good format.


What This Module Does Do

    • Lets you search for patients with regard to different attributes.
    • Lets you search for concepts and observations, by encounter, program enrollment and composition.

What This Module Does Not Do

    • Does not register or create patients


To download the Cohort Builder Module, please go to the OpenMRS module repository here: