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FHIR DSTU3 will be the primary method of data transfer between the slave Child and master Parent nodes in a Sync network. Wherever possible we should default to using FHIR representations and rely on other methods only if OpenMRS objects cannot be represented using FHIR resources. Atom feeds used by Sync should point to FHIR urls for resources that are transmitted using FHIR.

The OpenMRS FHIR module will be extended to server both as a client and server that will be leveraged by Sync to create and read FHIR representations that will be used in pushing or pulling data. The FHIR services from the module will also be used by Sync to persist FHIR representations it retrieves from masterthe Parent. Overall the module will be used in 3 ways in Sync:

1) On the master a Parent - as the server that receives data pushed from slavesit's Children

2) As a client - on slaves Children to both retrieve data from events published on mastertheir Parent, but also in their own atom feed. It will also be used to push data to mastertheir Parent.

3) As services to persist FHIR representations - on slaves that Children that retrieve FHIR resources from master a Parent and need to persist them in OpenMRS.