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The FHIR client will interface with the FHIR server running on the master Parent node. The client, same as the server, should be extensible through a strategy pattern - the client should use the same strategies the server uses to map FHIR object to OpenMRS


It is worth noting that Sync slaves will Children will be reading  their own feed and 'retrieving' data from themselves using FHIR. This data should be fetched from services in the FHIR module (since these services will now be used in different contexts, renaming them with the FHIR prefix should be considered). The representations returned by the services will then be forwarded to FHIR server on a masterParent.

Integration testing

Since Sync will be using both the FHIR client and the FHIR server, it is crucial that these elements remain functional and compatible. Integrations tests should be added that execute the FHIR endpoints using the FHIR client. This should give us confidence in the FHIR module and should emulate how it is being by the Sync module.