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The REST Web Services module must first be configured if this has not already been done.  

  • On the OpenMRS Administration page, click on the REST Web Services - Settings link


  • :
System Administration buttonAdvanced System Administration buttonRest Web Services Link
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  • Update the Rest Web Services URI Prefix setting according to your OpenMRS server URI.  For example, if clients connect to the server with the following URI '' then the prefix should be '/openmrs'.

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Module Settings

The configuration for the Inventory Module is done through the Inventory Settings page:Image Removed

Click on Inventory ButtonClick on Manage Inventory ModuleInventory Settings
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There are only two three settings that can be configured:

  • Auto Generate Operation Number:


  • Set whether or not to generate an operation number when a new stock operation is created.
  • Identifier Source: The Idgen module identifier source used to generate


  • the operation number.
  • Auto Complete Operations: Set where a stock operation is automatically completed and moved to the completed state or left at the pending state once creating awaiting completion.

The Settings page also includes Reports that a user can select from pre-entered Jaspers Reports.

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Module Administration


 This will redirect you to the Manage Inventory Module page.  The manage inventory module page allows the user to either create Inventory Role, Manage Items, Manage Item Attribute Types, Manage Departments, Manage Institutions, Manage Stockrooms, Manage Operation Types, View Stock Operations, Generate Item Mappings or manage Inventory Settings.

For the previous version OpenMRS, OpenMRS versions before the Reference application e.g OpenMRS version 1.9.9, the Inventory module management can only be done on the Admin page;:

Below is a table showing all the inventory module operation management features and a brief description of what each module is responsible for;:

Inventory Role CreationAdd or remove the required privileges to use the inventory module to/from a role or create a new role with those privileges.Image Added
Manage ItemsAdd, edit, retire, and purge the items (that is, the products and services) that are used by your institution.  Image Added
Manage DepartmentsAdd, edit, retire, and purge the item departments.Image Added
Manage InstitutionsAdd, edit, retire, and purge the external institutions that item stock can be distributed to.Image Added
Manage Stockrooms

Add, edit, retire, and purge the stockrooms and view stockroom details.

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Manage Operation TypesAdd, edit and retire the stock operation types.View Stock OperationsView and process stock operations.Image Added
Generate Item MappingsGenerate item to concept mappings.Image Added

Inventory Module Concepts