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maxResultsrequired6The maximum number of violations to be displayed. A link to fix the violation is only available if the action_url column has a value
baseAppPathoptional/coreappsProvides the ability to embed the relationships widget in a different module and page than the default coreapps clinician facing dashboard
patientPagedashboardPageoptional/coreapps/clinicianfacing/patient.page?patientId=patientUuidIndicates to which page to navigate when clicking on a relative
optionalnullIf configured, it indicates the page to navigate if the relationship points to a provider
includeRelationshipTypesoptional Comma delimited list of relationship type UUIDs. It provides the ability to filter which relationship types should be allowed to be created. By default all relationship types are displayed
editPrivilegeoptional Indicates the privilege required to edit patient relationships. If you want to edit relationships via the widget you need to assign "Task: coreapps.editRelationships" privilege to the logged on user.
Code Block
titleExample Relationships widget app configuration
  "id": "coreapps.relationships",
  "instanceOf": "coreapps.template.dashboardWidget",
  "description": "coreapps.relationships.app.description",
  "order": 10,
  "config": {
    "widget": "relationships",
    "icon": "icon-group",
    "label": "Family",
    "maxRecords": "3",
    "baseAppPath": "/coreapps",
    "editPrivilege": "Task: coreapps.editRelationships",
    "patientPagedashboardPage": "/coreapps/clinicianfacing/patient.page?patientId=patientUuid",
    "providerPage", "/coreapps/providermanagement/editProvider.page?personUuid={{personUuid}}",
    "includeRelationshipTypes": "UUID_OF_RELATIONSHIP_TYPE,"
  "extensions": [
      "id": "org.openmrs.module.coreapps.mostRecentVitals.clinicianDashboardSecondColumn",
      "appId": "coreapps.relationships",
      "extensionPointId": "patientDashboard.secondColumnFragments",
      "extensionParams": {
        "provider": "coreapps",
        "fragment": "dashboardwidgets/dashboardWidget"