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  1. (Front-end) Allow a user to find add-ons that are compatible with their particular version of OpenMRS
  2. (Back-end) Support for indexing Modules and OWAs that are released as GitHub Releases
  3. (Front-end) Show a list of most-active or most-downloaded modules
  4. (Back-end) Add new Rest end points for getting module by its Package Name and also add the Package Id as metadata to the details of a module
  5. (Back-end) Improve Search algorithm used
  6. (Front-end) Improved utility of tags in addons
  7.  Ensure smooth migration from using modules...more features, in consultation with as the primary data source to Bintray
  8.  Ensure Add-Ons is live by the end of Gsoc period


Extra Credit

  1. (Back-end) Re-implement the (legacy) API provided by, so we can completely retire that system