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If you are replacing a built-in form, with a new custom form, you can view the configuration of the integrated forms in the source code.

Data Management (Merge Patient Electronic Records)

Under the Data Management App, you will find the ability to Merge Patient Electronic Records.

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If you know both patient IDs, you can enter them in the Patient ID box. Alternatively, you can search in the lower box. Once you search, click each patient once and the Patient ID boxes will automatically be filled.

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Click Continue and you will be redirected to the display page where you choose which patient to keep and which to archive. All information will be transferred to the patient you choose to keep and this action can not be undone.

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Click the green button labeled Yes, Continue, the records will be merged, the other patient will be archived and you will be redirected to the patient screen.

System Administration

Under the System Administration App, you will find system administration tools.  This currently includes the Style Guide, especially useful to programmers,  It also includes Advanced Administration which returns you from the new user interface to the legacy user interface.  This is useful for configuring legacy settings and modules that don't yet have a user interface in the new UI; like Reporting and Facility Data Module for example.  You can also manage global properties and user accounts by selecting the appropriate app from the page shown in the screenshot below, you can navigate to this page by selecting  Home -> System Administration.