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Reference Application 2.5  is the latest release of our new Reference Application, a state of the art implementation of OpenMRS, which may serve as a solid base for new implementations. It is designed using the latest UI 23.x and App Framework, which make it easy to add new functionality as small apps in a similar fashion to mobile applications. The Reference Application comes with a number of apps out of the box. Currently we provide apps, which enable you to:


The Reference Application is built on top of the OpenMRS Platform 12.x, which still includes the Legacy User Interface (the original web application). You can still download and use the legacy application. See the download page. (for legacy UI module)

The Reference Application is a set of modules that are installed in addition to the legacy OpenMRS web application. It means that when you install the Reference Application, you can still access all the features of the legacy application, however we keep them hidden from users by default.