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Do you intend for health facilities anywhere in the world to use your system with little without drastic customization? This is probably a General Purpose Distribution.


Want advice on how to package things as a distribution? Post to the developers Talk category and ask! 

Why become an official Distribution?

If you have built a Distribution of OpenMRS that meets the criteria above, we'd love to include it on our official list of distributions, on this page. We want the OpenMRS community to have access to many options, and be able to find the best one for their use case. We hope that you'd like to list your distribution here, and be "official."

This will increase your distribution's visibility in the OpenMRS community. Implementers will be more likely to install it, and developers will be more likely to look at your code and consider what could be harvested into the core platform. And by making your Distribution more recognizable and participating, you'll end up with better access to the knowledge and contacts in the OpenMRS community.

Further, once you have an established distribution, you can take advantage of OpenMRS infrastructure, like hosting your forums as a category on OpenMRS Talk. having a Talk category, or being part of our Transifex organization.