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 OpenMRS Reference ApplicationGeneral Purpose

Maintained by the OpenMRS community, this distribution demonstrates how the platform's capabilities can be used to build an EMR. You could use this out-of-the-box as a facility EMR, but it (currently) doesn't have the complete EMR feature set.
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BahmniGeneral Purpose - Hospitals and Large Clinics

Maintained by ThoughtWorks and the Bahmni community, Bahmni is an out-of-the-box EMR and Hospital Information System that can be configured without programming.
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Kenya EMR

Targeted - Kenya

Developed by I-TECH, KenyaEMR is a tailored distribution of OpenMRS which meets the requirements laid out in the Kenya Ministry of Health document: 2011 Kenya EMR Standards and Guidelines.
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eSaudeTargeted - MozambiqueDeveloped by the Mozambique regional OpenMRS community, eSaude. A tailored distribution of OpenMRS to provide point of care clinical patient registration and healthcare workflows on tablets for the MOH public health facilities.
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Can I add my distribution to this page?

To be added to this page, at a minimum your distribution must:

  1. be based on the OpenMRS Platform (e.g. not just sharing the data model)
  2. include instructions to install and upgrade it as a unit
  3. be actively supported
  4. have an open-source license and publicly-hosted code

If these criteria are met, and you want to share your work with others, please post to this Talk category and tag your post with "distributions"

What type is my distribution?

Do you intend for health facilities anywhere in the world to use your system with little customization? This is probably a General Purpose Distribution.

Targeted at a specific geographic region, e.g. KenyaEMR or Mozambique's eSaude? This is a Targeted Distribution.

Targeted at a specific disease, e.g. Ebola or MDR-TB? This is a Targeted Distribution.

Is your distro built for one specific customer, and would need extensive modification or forking to be used by someone else, e.g. PIH-EMR? This is an Implementation Specific Distribution.

Do you have a collection of OpenMRS modules and configuration, but no automated installer? This is not actually a distribution.

Want advice on how to package things as a distribution? Post to the developers Talk category and ask!