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The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Uganda is in the process of publishing National Standards and Guidelines for Patient-Level Systems, which will be supported by an HIS Certification Process evaluating the compliance of implemented electronic patient-level systems and the delivery of the data being produced. The MOH is also in the process of implementing a national Health Management Information System (HMIS), based on DHIS2, for national monitoring and evaluation of health programs in Uganda. In order to be in compliance with the new guidelines, the over 30 USG funded HIV Care & Treatment Implementing Partners within Uganda began collaborating on a national implementation of OpenMRS in 2006. The aim is to create a system to meet both the certification requirements and the operational and reporting needs of all partners, as well as to be sustainable for Ministry of Health support. The system will also be integrated into the national M&E system, based on DHIS2, to improve data quality, reporting and use. To meet this aim, Makerere University School of Public Health, METS Program has developed a local community to collaborate and build capacity in design, development, implementation, and support. With the maturing of the global community and with the local community focused on the quality of their system and data to meet certification, the Uganda 2016 Implementer’s Meeting is a good opportunity to focus on quality of the processes pertaining to the building of the systems, quality of the outputs from the system, and quality in the delivery of those outputs. A second aim of the conference is to focus on integration of systems, such as OpenMRS and DHIS2, to promote data reporting and use.