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  1. Log out of OpenMRS and stop the Standalone.
  2. Replace the "war" file.
    1. Download the OpenMRS Platform 1.10 enterprise war file.
    2. Browse to the files in your expanded standalone, and delete the "openmrs-standalone.war" file, and the "openmrs-standalone" directory under "tomcat\webapps".
    3. Copy the OpenMRS Platform 1.10 enterprise war file you previously downloaded to this directory, and rename it openmrs-standalone.war.
    4. Delete the openmrs-standalone directory so that the war is properly expanded on startup.
  3. Replace the module files.
    1. Download openmrs-2.x-modules-zip from the Latest Successful Reference Application Build.  It is under the "Artifacts" tab.  Once the OpenMRS 2.1 modules are released, you should download the released version of the modules.
    2. Browse to the "appdata\modules" folder, and delete all the files.  Note: they have the extension ".omod".
    3. Unzip the contents of the openmrs-2.x-modules-zip which you previously downloaded into the "appdata\modules" folder.
  4. Start the Standalone again.
  5. Run the database updates.
    1. When the page opens to login, it will prompt to enter in Administration Mode.
    2. Log in with an administrative account and run the database updates as prompted.  When complete, it will open the standard login page. 
  6. Enjoy OpenMRS 2.1!