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  • register patients
  • start and end visits
  • list patients with active visits
  • admit/transfer/discharge patients
  • take clinical notes
  • capture patient vitals
  • display patient summary and visit history.
  • capture allergies
  • Enter forms from the patient dashboard

Try It Out!



Demo Server 

You can always explore the latest released version of the Reference Application by going to and signing in with the following credentials:


Note that this server is reset every 24 hours, so if it is unresponsive or the entire site seems down, please try again in 10-15 minutes.


TODOin 10-15 minutes.


If you want to install the latest released version of the Reference Application yourself, you can download it as a standalone, which is a complete package with an embedded Tomcat and MySQL database. When you first start a standalone, you can pick one of 2 install options.

  • the starter implementation mode is a configured and ready to use Reference Application, without any patients in it

  • the demo mode includes randomly generated patients

You can get the standalone version from the OpenMRS downloads page.

If you are already running OpenMRS 2.0 Standalone you can follow the Step-by-step guide to upgrade Standalone OpenMRS 2.0 to OpenMRS 2.1.

Legacy OpenMRS vs. Reference Application


You can login as a system developer with full privileges by giving the default username admin and password test Admin123. You also need to select Location for this session. Locations are configurable from Advanced Administration - Manage locations. In order for a location to appear on a login screen you need to open it up and select a checkbox next to the Login location tag.


You can manage the Atlas after initial configuration under System Administration - OpenMRS Atlas.

New Features/Modules

Chart Search


Appointment Scheduling



New functionality can be added by creating apps which requires coding skills. It also means that you can only add new forms by creating apps. The provided apps are configurable to the extent mentioned in the features chapter.