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  1. Login to mdsbuilder OpenMRS instance.
  2. Go to Administration -> Metadata Sharing -> Export Metadata and choose a package (repeat b. and c. for the following packages: Reference Application Concepts, Reference Application Diagnoses, Reference Application Order Entry and Allergies Concepts)
    1. Click New Version.
    2. Follow the creating package wizard leaving all defaults.
  3. Click Download Latest to get the zip file for that package.
  4. Export concepts using data exchange to preserve IDs for later updates of CIEL.
    1. Login to mds builder.
    2. Go to Administration -> Data Exchange Module / Export. Upload zip files from all you downloaded in 2. c, this generates an xml data set, copy the contents of the generated files to their respective xml files under
    3. Note that , the xml file Reference_Application_Concepts-*.xml  contains only non numeric concepts. Remove all the numeric concepts ie table name "<concept_numeric  ..  >"  and place them in the files below
      1. Reference_Application_Numeric_Concepts-*-2.xml .This will contain the numeric concepts for openmrs version 2.2 and above . They have a field  called   "allow_decimal" .
      2. Reference_Application_Numeric_Concepts-*-pre2.xml  This will contain the numeric concepts for openmrs versions below 2.2. Here rename the field "allow_decimal" to "precise" for for backward compatibility
    4. Add any missing calls to dataImporter.importData(...) in to load all files with the exported concepts.
    5. Set ReferenceMetadataConstants.METADATA_VERSION to a value higher by 1
    6. Remove zip packages containing concepts (if any) from and their declarations in
    7. Commit and push changes.
    8. Release the Reference Metadata Module with the version matching the release version of OpenMRS 2.x