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The View Stock Operations page allows administrators to view and process stock operations.


Generate Item Mappings

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Clicking on a stock operation with display the stock operation details:

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For Pending stock operation, if the current user has access to be able to process the stock operation (as defined by the User/Role configured in the Operation Type), then buttons to Complete and Cancel will be available. Clicking either button will update the operation status to the specified status and perform the expected action (once again, as defined by the Operation Type).

Generate Item Mappings

To provide the initial steps towards linking OpenMRS Orders to OpenHMIS Bills and/or Stock Operations, Items can now be linked to OpenMRS concepts/drugs. While administrators can manually go through each item and search for the associated concept, the Generate Item Mappings page will attempt to find the more obvious mappings based on the Item and Concept name. Clicking on the Generate Item Mappings link will start mapping process: