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  • Performance testing results are available at - currently testing against 1.7.0 RC. Anyone who has the ability to work on JIRA issues in TRUNK is able to start a test run. TRUNK project "approvers" can edit the test configuration in Bamboo/CI.
  • TODO Wyclif is finishing up some of the tests. The 1.8 Top Ten page will be updated to correlate the top 10 to the specific tests being run.
  • TODO Darius will work to expose the build number via WebDriver.
  • TODO Burke will work on reporting test data from the XML results at
  • TODO Darius is taking the test data set and upgrading it to 1.8 and will send it to Michael who will get the trunk build set up for testing.
  • TODO Someone (question) will configure the tests to run 10 iterations for every "build" that CI runs.
  • TODO Justin will give Wyclif a crash course on BIRT Reporting Module so Wyclif can write tests for it. They will likely use James Arbaugh's test report. They will report back by end of Tuesday if they are having problems with it.
  • TODO Darius will work on the reporting module test and report back by end of Tuesday if he is having problems.

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