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  • Configure personal settings such as ip, port for Symmetric to run, your database specific property settings on the root and client property files.
  • Changes to node identity names, nodegroup names should be reflected on the SQL script on omod/src/main/webapp as well.
  • Prior to installing your omod, include the following global properties to your database.
    • syncsds.symmetric.nodeGroup            for root only : ‘root’
    • syncsds.symmetric.nodePort               for root : ‘8087’, for client : ‘8835’ (changes to values should result on property file configurations too)
    • syncsds.jettyUser                                 for OpenMRS jetty users: ‘true’, for Tomcat users: ‘false’
  • Deploy the OpenMRS war giving the following JVM option _ _
    • -Djmx.http.console.for.embedded.webserver.enabled=false
    • eg: (for Jetty users)