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The purpose is to integrate an internationalization tool that can be used to localize all velocity templates in OpenMRS and allow a user to run the setup installation and database update wizards in their selected language.


  • Apache Velocity
  • Java Servlets


  • Integrate an internalization tool for velocity templates
  • The user should be able to select a language as the first step of the setup wizard.
  • The text on the pages rendered when the setup and update wizards are running should be displayed in the user's selected language.
  • The languages that the user can select from should be the ones that are added to the web application's message resource files.
  • The user should be able to move back and forth through the wizard's pages even when the text displayed is in a language they don't understand so well or if they selected a wrong language by mistake (You can employ the use of arrows instead of buttons with text)
  • The selected language should be persisted by the web application so that the user isn't required to set it again when the application is started.