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Primary  Objective:

Developing a  sustainable mechanism to reduce entropy in Develop a clear process and tools to help community members maintain OpenMRS documentation

 Project Project Description

We would like to work often hear that our documentation is out-of-date or duplicative. Our garden has become somewhat overcome with weeds and it's hard to find what is needed. In 2019, we worked with a technical writer who can help us develop a suitable approach to avoid entropy in our documentation.

We currently have a documentation review team  and ongoing discussion threads on our talk discussion forum which has been working since the beginning of the year to review, audit and update the entire user documentation available on a number of formats such as our current  wiki  and Gitbook.

The team currently has developed a  documentation review process and is tracked on the wiki here. Volunteers have been reviewing pages, editing them and uploading them for review by  domain expertsto re-organize our Wiki and we're in the process of implementing those recommendations. We now have the garden designed and we're starting to put everything in a location that makes sense for our audiences. There's still weeding to be done and to avoid having a chaotic garden again, we need some guidance and tools that will help us maintain our documentation and keep it relevant.

Possible outputs that could be developed  developed include: mechanisms to help identify, prioritize, and manage documentation improvement. schedule documentation improvements; conventions and templates that are easy to access and follow; a style guide for our Wiki; etc.  One example, would be coming up with a convention for labeling wiki pages that our outdated or pages in the wrong location. A Confluence macro could be used to display all such tagged pages as an automatic work queue for documentation improvement. Another example would be to create a page or process to identify all pages under “active projects” that haven’t been modified for > 1 year as candidates to be archived.