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Here's the list of commands needed to do the import. Replace "<username>" with your username. 

NB: Before you Upload the sql dump file to the mdsBuilder Server , ensure the sql dump file version you upload matches the Openmrs Platform version on which the mdsBuilder server run . ie Platform 2.2 would match "openmrs_concepts_2.2_20190701.sql" file  and Platform 2.0 .6 would match "openmrs_concepts_2.0_20190701.sql" file

Code Block
scp <username>
ssh <username>
cd /tmp
sudo -i
cd /root/docker/mdsbuilder
docker cp /tmp/openmrs_concepts_2.0_20181012.sql mdsbuilder_db_1:/tmp/
docker exec -it mdsbuilder_db_1 /bin/bash
# copy as is, do not attempt to replace it
mysql -u ${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PASSWORD} ${MYSQL_DATABASE} < /tmp/openmrs_concepts_2.0_20181012.sql

3. Update Metadata Sharing packages to the latest versions of CIEL concepts

  1. Login to mdsbuilder OpenMRS instance.
  2. Go to Administration -> Metadata Sharing -> Export Metadata and choose a package (repeat b. and c. for the following packages: Reference Application Concepts, Reference Application Diagnoses, Reference Application Order Entry and Allergies Concepts)
    1. Click New Version.
    2. Follow the creating package wizard leaving all defaults.
  3. Click Download Latest to get the zip file for that package.
  4. Export concepts using data exchange to preserve IDs for later updates of CIEL.
    1. Login to mds builder.
    2. Go to Administration -> Data Exchange Module / Export. Upload zip files from all you downloaded in 2. c, this generates an xml data set, copy the contents of the generated files to their respective xml files under
    3. Add any missing calls to dataImporter.importData(...) in to load all files with the exported concepts.
    4. Set ReferenceMetadataConstants.METADATA_VERSION to a value higher by 1
    5. Remove zip packages containing concepts (if any) from and their declarations in
    6. Commit and push changes.
    7. Release the Reference Metadata Module with the version matching the release version of OpenMRS 2.x

User Acceptance Testing:

  1. Schedule a time period after the initial release deadline for releasing the modules set under the section Begin the process of release management- 4th point. Even if some modules are not released by this time the testing can begin.
  2. Setup a User Acceptance Testing(UAT) server with the OpenMRS instance having the latest released modules by deploying from CI
  3. Request the Module Owners/Implementers to verify the module's functionality individually.
  4. Organize events to encourage people to participate in testing the new version before it's release.
  5. If the UAT results in discovery of new bugs please file them and after they are fixed , request releasing a new version for the specific module where the issue has been identified.