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  • Automating the LABC module installation, need to reduce the workload at the beginning of a user.
  • Modify the current implementation to add one or more access locations to a user.
  • Enable encounter access based on patient location or multiple admitted/channeled locations.
  • Add location restrictions to Reporting-REST, and Reference metadata modules.
  • Manage location-based restrictions based on the user roles (See here)
  • Create a REST endpoint to show/edit the configurations of LBAC 
    • Create Person Attributes for LBAC.
    • Global Property attribute for LBAC.
    • Check and show about the required module’s versions to use a feature from LBAC.
    • Login Screen managements.
    • LBAC On/OFF feature.
    • Migrate a patient/list of patients from one location(or unknown) to another location.