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Data model layout of the global property table.


  • concept.causeOfDeath Concept id of the concept defining the CAUSE OF DEATH concept
  • concept.defaultConceptMapType (since 1.9) the name of the concept map type used if none specified (null), defaults to "same-as". It is important for legacy code (pre 1.9) that do not have a way to set the concept map type.
    • Valid values: concept map type names
  • concepts.locked Determines whether or not concepts can be edited in this database. If "true", any attempt to edit a concept or create a new concept will fail with a warning message. (Also effects certain actions in the concept_proposal table)
    • Valid values: true, false
  • database_version (not used in OpenMRS 1.5+) This is the current database version of OpenMRS. This value is read by and set by the mysql diff script. Changing this value manually could cause future updates to fail.
  • dashboard.encounters.showEditLink If set to 'true', will show the Edit link in the encounters list on the Encounters tab in the patient dashboard. Note: this is no longer used as of OpenMRS 1.9.0.
    • Default: true
  • dashboard.encounters.showViewLink If set to 'true', will show the View link in the encounters list on the Encounters tab in the patient dashboard.
    • Default: true
  • dashboard.encounters.maximumNumberToShow The limit to the number of encounters to display on the dashboard. The larger this number the slower the dashboard will load for patients with many encounters (1.9.1+) OpenMRS 1.9.0 and prior use dashboard.maximumNumberOfEncountersToShow.
    • Default: (empty, which means 100)
  • dashboard.header.programs_to_show Comma separated program names to show in the overview tab
  • dashboard.header.workflows_to_show which workflow(s) to show in the programs
  • dashboard.overview.showConcepts Comma separated list of concept ids to show on the patient dashboard 'overview' tab
  • dashboard.regimen.displayDrugSetIds Comma separated ids or names of concept sets used to group drug orders into regimens
  • dashboard.regimen.displayFrequencies Comma separated strings that are options for drug order frequencies (e.g. "7 days/week,6 days/week,...")
  • dashboard.regimen.standardRegimens XML definition of standard/suggested drug regimens
  • dashboard.metadata.caseConversion Indicates which type of automatic case conversion is applied to program/workflow/state in the patient dashboard. Valid values: lowercase, uppercase, capitalize. If empty no conversion is applied. (since 1.10)
  • default_locale Specifies the default locale. You can specify both the language code(ISO-639) and the country code(ISO-3166), e.g. 'en_GB' or just country: e.g. 'en'
  • encounterForm.obsSortOrder Determines how the observations are sorted on the encounter form and encounter display popup. "number" means that field numbers are used. "weight" means that location in the schema tree is used.
    • Valid values: weight, numberDefault: number
    • Note: It will sort page number first, then field number and field part. If page number is only set on some fields but not all, ordering will be off
    •  Please see ticket #1990
  • FormEntry.enableOnEncounterTab If set to 'true', will show an "Add new Encounter" link on the Encounters tab on the patient dashboard
    • Default: false
  • layout.address.format Format in which to display the person addresses throughout the webapp.
    • Format in which to display the patient and person names throughout the webapp.Value values are either "short", "long" or "givenfamily".

      ValueExample Screenshot
      short (default)
  • log.level The amount and type of log messages to print
    • Default value: "org.openmrs.api:info"
    • Should be comma separated pairs of packages/classes and their logging level. e.g. "org.openmrs.api:warn,org.openmrs:info,org.openmrs.module.sync:error"
    • This is new in OpenMRS 1.9+. (prior versions used a gp named log.level.api and valid values were only trace, debug, info, warn, or error)
  • module_repository_folder Determines the location where .omod module files are stored after being loaded by the application. If a relative path, its determined relative to the application data directory set in the runtime properties. If an absolute path, it can be a directory anywhere on the system.
    • Default value: "modules". On windows, will be C:/docs and settings/usernamerunningtomcat/application data/openmrs/modules, on unix will be /home/userrunningtomcat/.openmrs/modules.
  • newPatientForm.relationships (as of revision 5688) Comma separated list of the RelationshipTypes to show on thenew/short patient form. The list is defined like '3a, 4b, 7a'. The number is the RelationshipTypeId and the 'a' vs 'b' part is which side of the relationship is filled in by the user.e.g. If the RelationshipType was defined as (with id #5) Doctor / Patient, to have "Doctor" filled in on the new/short patient form, put "5a" in for the value.
  • patient.identifierPrefix This property is only used if patient.identifierRegex is empty. The string here is prepended to the sql indentifier search string. The sql becomes "... where identifier like '<PREFIX><QUERY STRING><SUFFIX>';". Leave empty for increased search speed on large patient databases.Valid values: A percent sign (%) or empty
  • patient.identifierRegex Determines how OpenMRS searches for patients using Identifier Numbers. A MySQL regular expression for the patient identifier search strings. The  (SEARCH) string is replaced at runtime with the user's search string. An empty regex will cause a simply 'like' sql search to be used. Leave empty for increased search speed on large patient databases.
    • Warning! Use of this property on large patient datasets causes a large drop in performance.
    • Valid values: Empty or a regular expression like

      Code Block
  • patient.identifierSuffix This property is only used if patient.identifierRegex is empty. The string here is prepended to the sql indentifier search string. The sql becomes "... where identifier like '<PREFIX><QUERY STRING><SUFFIX>';". Leave empty for increased search speed on large patient databases.Valid values: A percent sign (%) or empty
  • patient.nameValidationRegex Defines the regular expression to determine if an entered patient name is valid or not. If empty, no validation is done on the characters in patient names
    • Default value: ^a-zA-Z \\\-||\+$ This only allows characters and hyphens in the name.
    • Requires OpenMRS 1.9+
  • patientSearch.matchMode 'anywhere' means that a search for 'lis' will hit on both 'lisa' and 'dalis'.Valid values: ANYWHERE, STARTDefault value: 'start', meaning that patient name searches are matched at the beginning of names
  • patient_identifier.importantTypes comma separated list of patient identifiers to show and allow editing of on the patient dashboard
  • restrict_patient_attribute.tribe When marked as true, the tribe option can only be edited by users in a role that contains the "Edit Person Tribe" privilege.
    • Valid values: true, false
    • The global property restrict_patient_attribute.tribe is not used in OpenMRS 1.5 and later.
  • use_patient_attribute.healthCenter true/false whether or not to show the patient's health center on the dashboard
  • use_patient_attribute.tribe When marked as true, the tribe option is not displayed anywhere in the web application.
    • Valid values: true, false
  • user.requireEmailAsUsername when true, a username must be a valid e-mail, previously created usernames which are not e-mail addresses will be invalid
  • locale.allowed.list Locales which are allowed to be used for presenting translations of the user interface. The actual locales available to be selected are a subset of those available (for which a file exists) filtered by this value.
    • Valid values: comma separated list of locale specifications of the form xx or xx_YY where: xx = ISO-639 language code YY = ISO-3166 country code. e.g. en_US, en_GB, fr, es_SP
  • security.loginAttemptsAllowedPerIP (since 1.4.5) Number of times one IP can fail at logging in before being locked out. A value of 0 for this property means no IP lockout checks.
    • Valid values: any integer