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A widget has been added to Registration App that can be injected into the Patient Search widget in Core Apps to integrate searching by biometrics/fingerprints into the main basic search.  This widget currently assuming a RESTful interaction with a Biometrics server and is based around the pattern defined in RestBiometricEngine mentioned above, but is not dependent on it.

The widget is provided by the registration app module and is called "biometrics/fingerprintSearch".  It would be configured in a manner similar to this (this sample has not fully been testing, if you try it and have issues please post on Talk and we can debug):

 "type": "fingerprint-search-extension",
 "uuid": "uuid",
 "widget": {
     "providerName": "registrationapp",
     "fragmentId": "biometrics/fingerprintSearch"
     "config": {
       "scanUrl": "a url that initiates a scan operation on the fingerprint reader and returns a fingerprint template"
       "devicesUrl": "a url that returns a list of available fingerprint scanners"
       "fingers": [
           "formFieldName": "a unique field name to use to capture this"
           "label": "Can enter either a text label or a message code here",
           "type": "Whatever code is needed by your BiometricEngine to identify which finger this represents"
           "formFieldName": "leftIndexTemplate",
           "label": "zl.registration.patient.biometrics.fingerprints.leftIndexLabel",
           "type": "LEFT_INDEX_FINGER"