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titleExample configuration
 "type": "fingerprint",
 "uuid": "uuid-of-patient-identifier-type-for-storing-fingerprint-reference",
 "widget": {
     "providerName": "registrationapp",
     "fragmentId": "field/fingerprint"
     "config": {
       "format": "Whatever code your engine and scanner expect to determine what template format to use (eg. ISO)"
       "scanUrl": "a url that initiates a scan operation on the fingerprint reader and returns a fingerprint template"
       "devicesUrl": "a url that returns a list of available fingerprint scanners"
       "fingers": [
           "formFieldName": "a unique field name to use to capture this"
           "label": "Can enter either a text label or a message code here",
           "type": "Whatever code is needed by your BiometricEngine to identify which finger this represents"
           "formFieldName": "leftIndexTemplate",
           "label": "zl.registration.patient.biometrics.fingerprints.leftIndexLabel",
           "type": "LEFT_INDEX_FINGER"

Step 4: Extend Patient Search Widget to search for patients by Biometrics

A widget has been added to Registration App that can be injected into the Patient Search widget in Core Apps to integrate searching by biometrics/fingerprints into the main basic search.  This widget currently assuming a RESTful interaction with a Biometrics server and is based around the pattern defined in RestBiometricEngine mentioned above, but is not dependent on it.