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  1. Find the changeset you'd like to modify in liquibase-update-to-latest.xml. Make your change, and restart OpenMRS.
    1. You will see an error message like this
      No Format
      Error occurred while trying to get the updates needed for the database. Validation Failed: 1 change sets check sum liquibase-update-to-latest.xml::20101209-1723::wyclif::(MD5Sum: 4d67c48557f5665a8c2be7e87e22913)
    2. Note down the MD5Sum that is reported. This is the checksum for the new version of the changeset. (In this case it is "4d67c48557f5665a8c2be7e87e22913".)
    3. Look in the liquibasechangelog table in your database for the checksum of the old version of the changeset. For example
      Code Block
      select md5sum from liquibasechangelog where id = '20101209-1723'
      --> db17937286d48f680b2be16bee24e62
  2. Go back to the changeset in liquibase-update-to-latest.xml and add a validCheckSum subtag for both the old and new checksums, likemaking sure to comment them. For example:
    Code Block
    <changeSet id="20101209-1723" author="wyclif">
        <validCheckSum>4d67c48557f5665a8c2be7e87e22913<<validCheckSum>db17937286d48f680b2be16bee24e62</validCheckSum> <!-- old checksum without specifying date_created  <validCheckSum>db17937286d48f680b2be16bee24e62</validCheckSum>-->
        <validCheckSum>4d67c48557f5665a8c2be7e87e22913</validCheckSum> <!-- current checksum with date_created property added -->