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  • If you have an @openmrs.org account, you may be able to add events using that account at calendar.google.com.
  • If you do not have access to add or update an event on the calendar, please ask for help on IRC or send an email to community@openmrs.org with details about the event or needed changes, asking for it to be added or updated on the OpenMRS Calendar. We're happy to give access to anyone who needs to routinely add or update events on the community calendar.
Short LinkDescription
http://om.rs/calThis page
http://om.rs/calutcView calendar using UTC timezone
http://om.rs/eatView calendar using EAT timezone
http://om.rs/etView calendar using US/Eastern timezone
http://om.rs/icaliCal format (for subscribing)
http://om.rs/istView calendar using IST timezone
http://om.rs/ptView calendar using US/Pacific timezone