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  • In Eclipse you can do this from the JRE tab of your jetty:run Run Configuration.  In Eclipse, you need to specify this as:  -DuiFramework...
  • In Netbeans you can do this by adding it to the jetty:run custom goal. In detail, download/open the OpenMRS core source in Netbeans, then open the openmrs-webapps subproject. Right click on the webapps subproject, select Custom/Goals... This will bring up the Run Maven popup. Type jetty:run in the Goals and the VM argument line in the Properties text area of the goal by typing the following: uiFramework.development.yourmoduleid=/path/to/root/of/mavenized/yourmoduleid (Note, in Netbeans you should not include "-D", nor the quotes around the path.

Troubleshooting: It is reported that in unix you may need to delete " from the path and escape whitespaces with \ if any.