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 Introducing: OpenMRS Platform 1.12

 When OpenMRS reached 2.0, we decided to allow the platform – application programmer interface (API) and web services – to develop and grow separately from the web application.  As a result, we have named the API and web services "OpenMRS Platform" and will continue to call our (while the web-based medical record system is called "OpenMRS ".

 OpenMRS – this continues to refer to our web-based medical record system.

OpenMRS Platform – going forward, this refers to the API and web services used under the hood.  When the OpenMRS application has sufficiently replaced the legacy user interface components, the user interface components will be removed from the platform and released as a separate module.
Reference Application").

This release is the "OpenMRS Platform 1.12" – it is the release version of the under-the-hood OpenMRS API that follows the OpenMRS 1.11.x line.  We hope also seeing this same platform in 2.2We do not currently intend to use this version of the platform in a Reference Application release. (Reference Application 2.4 will still be on the Platform 1.11.x line, and we intend for Reference Application 2.5 to jump to Platform 2.0.)

Release Date: Wednesday May 25th 2016


Download OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0



CIEL Dictionary:

 openmrs_concepts_1.11.2_20160427.sql (the Concept database tables have not changed since Platform 1.11.x, so you can use the same CIEL dictionary)


  • Unzip the downloaded OpenMRS Platform 1.12.0 zip file. (For linux users; this needs to be in an ext file system type, most partitions created with and having windows formats will not work since the installation needs to change file permissions which ubuntu allows for only ext file systems - TODO add reference)
  • Change directory into the openmrs-standalone-1.12.0 folder and then run the standalone using the java -jar openmrs-standalone.jar command.
  • The openmrs standalone window will show up and you can proceed from there.
  • The installation provide you three options but most the times you will use either the demonstration or fresh installation (comes with the above mentioned concept dictionary).