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It is challenge for developers, especially those working on large distributions, to maintain test data which is consistent with their production environments. For example, developers may want to write unit tests for an indicator report that includes most of the metadata and concepts used by the distribution. The

  • Metadata Deploy module addresses this challenge for a lot metadata types - but doesn't include concepts, as these don't lend themselves to being described in code. Also distributions commonly deploy concepts via a SQL dump (e.g. CIEL) 
  • PIH team have written code to generate a MariaDB copy of a production database but there's no easy way to specify what content should be included.

This project would seek to provide a mechanism by which developers can easily generate a test dataset file for use in unit tests, which includes a configurable subset of their entire concept dictionary. It's important that developers can configure what is included in the final dataset file so that they can keep it as small as possible to keep unit test times as fast as possible - it's obviously not feasible to load an entire dictionary like CIEL into memory for each unit test.