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  • default: Sets default value for the widget.
    • Example: <encounterLocation default="2"/>
    • Example: <encounterLocation default="SessionAttribute:emr.sessionLocation"/>
    • Value: Location ID, Location UUID, Location Name. Since 1.9.5 we also support "GlobalProperty:xyz" and "UserProperty:xyz" where xyz is the name of a global property or user property, whose value must be equal to a legal location value using one of the supported formats. Since 2.0.3 we also support "SessionAttribute:xyz" where xyz is the name of an HttpSession attribute, whose value must be a location, or a String using one of the supported formats.
    • Default: None
  • order: Determines which locations appear in the list, and specifies the order in which they appear.
    • Example: <encounterLocation order="2,7,4"/>
    • Value: Comma separated list of Location IDs, Location UUIDs, or Location Names
    • Default: All non-retired locations in alphabetical order
  • tags: Limits the locations that appear in the list to locations tags with one or more the specified tags
    • Since 2.1.3
    • Example: <encounterLocation tags="Admission Location, 1" />
    • Value: Comma separated list of Location Tags IDs or Location tag Names
    • Cannot be used in conjunction with the order attribute
  • type: Specifies the input element to display (i.e a dropdown vs autocomplete); shows a dropdown by default if type is not specified
    • Since 1.11
    • Example: <encounterLocation type="autocomplete"/>
    • Value:  "autocomplete"
    • Default: dropdown