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h2. \#OpenMRS on

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet chat or synchronous conferencing.  You are welcome to join the OpenMRS chat room on There are numerous IRC clients from which to choose or you can visit our chat room directly right here.

{comment:retiring openmrs-sprint channel}
{info:title=Development sprint activity is on #openmrs-sprint}\\ \\ \\ \\

Real-time discussion about [current development sprints|RES:Development Sprints] happens in [*\#openmrs-sprint*|#sprint], not #openmrs.{info}
{comment:retiring openmrs-sprint channel}

h2. \#OpenMRS-Sprint on

[OpenMRS Development Sprints|RES:Development Sprints] are organized efforts focused on getting features written in a coordinated fashion. All development sprint discussion occurs on [\#openmrs-sprint|Logs - OpenMRS-Sprint].

h2. How to use our IRC channels

Our IRC channels are available for real-time communication with other community members. They can be an ideal way to get help with a problem you're having, discuss development ideas, or just chat and share information. (We're not always serious\!)

Please remember: IRC is not meant to be a 24/7 helpline with immediate support. If your question is not answered right away it may be because no one is awake or no one is paying attention.

{tip:title=Tip}Try addressing someone directly by putting their complete user name into your question.  This might get their attention faster. You should also consider sending an e-mail to either the implementers mailing list or the developers mailing list.{tip}

h2. Common IRC commands

|| Command to type \\ || What it does ||
| {code}
/nick YourName
{code} | Sets your current nickname to _YourName_ \\ |
| {code}
/msg NickName message
{code} | Sends _message_ to _NickName_ in a private chat window \\ |
| \\  {code}
/me text
{code} | Sends _text_ in a 3rd-person sort of way, e.g., "YourNickName starts to dance" \\ |
| \\  {code}
/whois NickName
{code} | Shows you additional information about _NickName_ \\ |
| \\  {code}
{code} | Logs out of IRC \\ |

There are a lot of [other commands|] available. Search the web for information about them.

h2. IRC clients we like

h5. Windows

* [mIRC|]
* [X-Chat|] (free Windows version available at [ here])

h5. Linux

* [Irssi|]
* [X-Chat|]

h5. Mac

* [Textual|]
* [Colloquy|]
* [Adium|]

h5. Browser Plugin

* [Chatzilla for Firefox|]

h2. Help\! My IRC is blocked.

Some Internet providers block the ports needed for IRC. If this is the case for you, then you can use a proxy to join the channel through a web browser. You should be able to use this page to connect.

h2. IRC Logs

Our IRC channels are logged 24/7 in case you miss anything. The [logs are updated regularly here|Logs - OpenMRS] on the Wiki and are fully searchable.