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  • programId: ID of the program in which the patient is to be enrolled.
    • Examples: 
      • <enrollInProgram programId="1"/> 
      • <enrollInProgram programId="Rehab program"/>
    • Value: Any valid program ID, program UUID or underlying concept name
    • Default: None.
  • showDate: If true, a date widget is displayed and the patient is enrolled on the selected date; if false, or if no date selected, the patient is enrolled on the encounter date
    • Example: <enrollInProgram programId="1" showDate="true"/>
    • Value: true or false
    • Default: False.
  • stateIds: A comma-separated list of program work flow states ids
    • Example: <enrollInProgram programId="1" stateIds="3, 444ce6ba-551d-11e1-8cb6-00248140a5eb, PIH:356789"/>
    • Value: Any valid program workflow state id, program workflow state uuid, or concept mapping of the underlying concept for the state
    • Default: None
    • If you reference states by concept mappings, be careful that you don't have two states in the same program with the same underlying concept, or unpredictable results will occur!