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Adding '-Drun' flag will make SDK run newly created server right after successful setup.

Setup new Server from a distribution that uses the SDK Docker for MySQL (non-interactive mode)
Code Block
mvn openmrs-sdk:setup -DserverId=test -Ddistro=org.openmrs.module:mirebalais:1.3.0-SNAPSHOT -DbatchAnswers="8080,1044,MySQL 5.6 in SDK docker container (requires pre-installed Docker)"

This will create a new server with id = "test", based on the distribution defined in the mirebalais module's file, providing answers to server port (8080), debug port (1044), and to use the SDK Docker container.

Deleting servers

You can delete a server by running:


Would you like to deploy appui 1.13.0-SNAPSHOT from the current directory? [Y/n]: 

Answer: y

Deploy a module from it's directory (non-interactive mode)
Code Block
mvn openmrs-sdk:deploy -DserverId=serverId -DbatchAnswers=y

This will perform the same operation as above, but will answer the question asked with "y" without being prompted.

Deploying OWA

This example will show how to install Concept Dictionary OWA.